The Madman

I knew a madman
long ago
all day sat
at the bar.
Surrounded by disputes because of women
with blasphemies, spit and complaints
he was noticed
Because of his swearing angry
for too insightful thoughts
I query the madman
about the existence of God
denied to have never existed!
-...but I can see you-I said to him
-I can see you too-replied
-but what does it say?...-
I insist.
He does not listen to me.
I pay his drink
I'm disappointed
cause of remain once again
Without response
I stand up
He's holding me now
then makes his gabble clear
-It's really difficult to be the madman
...but must be even more difficult to be God!-

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  1. Molto bene. Mi piaco molto. La traduzione funziona. perdono il mio povero italiano, io sono un oratore della lingua inglese. Sono queste le parole con la ricerca di Google Translate.


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